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    10 Reasons Why Laminate Flooring Is A Smart Investment

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    Why choose laminate flooring?

    Refurbishing a space or building a house from scratch, a lot goes into making a space appealing.

    Mere brick and mortar can transform a room into your personal heaven. One of the essential aspects of refurbishing a space is the floor. You cannot neglect the importance of choosing the right flooring for your space.

    From hardwood floors to carpets, the options are varied but the choice is yours. If you are an enthusiast of comfort and flexibility, laminate flooring is your ideal flooring option. Timber laminate flooring is all the rage in the market currently, what with its resemblance to hardwood flooring, minus the maintenance hassle. Let’s take a peek at reasons why laminate flooring is your best bet!


    Flooring is an essential investment that cannot be made on a whim. If you have a large area to cover, timber laminate flooring is a convenient pick. This doppelganger of hardwood floors will offer you the same warm tones and rustic vibe that you crave for in a space, at half the price. Laminate flooring is extremely resilient to daily wear and tear and are fantastic in terms of quality.

    Spoilt for Choice

    Since timber laminate flooring can mimic the look of hardwood floors, you can go from Chestnut to Ebony based on your decor and taste. You can barely distinguish between actual timber and timber laminate today. With modern laminates mimicking the design, texture, and character of wood floors, you will be overwhelmed by the variety. Laminates can also mimic textures, which makes this an ideal option.

    Easy-Breezy Installation

    One of the trickiest parts of renovation is installing timber flooring. The clunky and heavy wood flooring is not the most convenient when it comes to transporting/shipping and installing the floor boards. On the other hand, the speedy installation of laminate flooring is impressive, to say the least. From the conveniently sized plants to the tongue and groove click system, laminate flooring is the lazy homemaker’s best-kept secret.

    Amazing Durability

    There is a misconception that laminate flooring is flimsy and fragile. But contrary to popular belief, timber laminate flooring is designed for modern homes and its wear and tear. While there is no denying that hardwood flooring is spectacular and long-lasting, it can also warp. Laminate timber flooring, on the other hand, has a wear layer that is extremely scratch-resistant and strong. Laminate flooring has more bounce factor than other flooring alternatives like ceramic and stone.

    Swift Maintenance

    One of the most annoying aspects of homeownership is the maintenance and cleaning of your space. Keeping floors clean is essential from an aesthetic as well as health standpoint. Cleaning off dust on laminates is a breeze, any spill should be cleaned as soon as possible. These floors can be cleaned with a mop and vacuumed often, which is convenient. Families with pets and children should definitely invest in laminate flooring.

    Keep the Allergies in Control

    Common allergens and asthma triggers are found in almost all homes. These allergens include dust mites, mold, and pet dander and they tend to hide in nooks and corners. It’s important to ensure that the allergens can’t settle and hide in different places. Flooring is one place that accumulates dust and allergens, especially carpets. To avoid itchiness and watery eyes, the air quality of your home should be good. Laminate floors are naturally resistant to the growth of bacteria and mold. Since you can easily clean it, you can keep the allergens to a minimum.

    A Green Step

    With government organisations and regulatory boards working hard to keep our environment clean and green, you can do your bit by opting for eco-friendly flooring alternatives. Laminate floors are considered eco-friendly or a “green” option. From the manufacturing, installation, and the disposal process of timber laminate flooring, the effect on the environment is not detrimental. Laminate flooring is convenient and at the same time good for the environment.

    A Versatile Pick

    Since laminate flooring can mimic different types of flooring and is convenient in terms of durability and installation, it is ideal for contemporary homes that undergo a lot of wear and tear on a daily basis. Laminates can be installed in any room in your home and is especially ideal for areas that receive a lot of traffic. Kitchen, family rooms, hallways are ideal choices for laminate flooring. Since cleaning is a breeze, this is a great pick for your house. You can encompass the beauty of hardwood floors without worrying about the high maintenance.

    Resistant to Fading

    Installing fresh flooring is always a joy since the texture, hue, and character stay intact. But as years fade, so do your flooring. Choosing the right flooring is essential to prevent your flooring from fading. Timber laminate flooring doesn’t fade, unlike hardwood and carpet. Exposure to sunlight is one of the reasons why your flooring undergoes fading and wear. The wear layer on laminates is created to protect your lovely floors from the exploits of time. Hardwood flooring, on the other hand, is susceptible to fading and losing its sheen. Opt for the practical alternative and choose laminates.

    Subfloor Ideal

    Since laminate flooring is so versatile it can be installed on nearly any type of subfloor. Whether the subfloor is concrete or vinyl floors, laminate floors can easily be laid on top of the subfloor. In the case of hardwood flooring, the subfloor is not compatible, which can be an expensive deal for many. Laminate flooring, on the other hand, is thin and flexible and can be easily laid on a flat subfloor.

    Make sure that there is a moisture barrier, this will ensure easy installation. This will remove the hassle and expense of removing old floors to install your new one.

    If these reasons couldn’t compel you to pick timber laminate flooring for your home, we don’t know what could. If convenience and aesthetics are what you are looking in flooring, our exquisite collection of laminate flooring will leave you amazed. Choose the future of elegant flooring!