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    Vinyl Flooring: 4 Trending Colours To Uplift Your Décor

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    Vinyl tiles are currently trending in the market for its versatility and understated beauty.

    The reason behind the increase in popularity of this tile flooring are the varied features. Vinyl comes in different forms, which includes sheet, plank, and tiles. They are a popular choice among interior designers, since it provides them a good canvas to create a stunning and unique décor.

    There are many online flooring stores that sell vinyl flooring, but not ever company offers reliable services. Since flooring designers can experiment with the patterns on these tiles, there is no dearth of options when it comes to vinyl flooring. From light tones to dark shades, you can choose one depending on the décor of your home. Here is a list of vinyl flooring colours that are popular form their contemporary sleek look:

    White Wonder

    Flooring companies design luxury vinyl flooring that mimic the look of natural stone or timber today. The marble look of the vinyl flooring is currently trending. White vinyl flooring with marble and natural stone effects are in demand since they are a beautiful yet affordable option.

    The clean and sleek look of these tile or wood mimicking vinyl flooring is bound to have many takers, since it offers a classic yet contemporary aura that fits perfectly with most spaces. If the marble vinyl flooring is installed in a master bedroom with contemporary and luxurious furniture, it creates the illusion of an airy and spacious room.

    This type of flooring will never go out of style, so do not think twice before choosing reliable online flooring services for the right vinyl flooring. Whether you own a studio apartment or a fully furnished mansion, you can never go wrong with this vinyl flooring pattern and colour.

    Greying Grandeur

    Grey is one of the most appealing neutral shades. A lot of commercial and residential spaces are experimenting with the neutral interior décor trend. Flooring is given a lot of importance today because they are one of the most important elements that help set the ambiance of a room.

    The grey flooring trend seeped into the market through classic wooden-like planks and is now spreading in the stone and tile department too. Designers predict that grey floors are going to be in trend for years, since the colour is classic, modern and stylish.

    Blonde Brilliance

    One of the main reason for choosing a light or a bright shade of blonde for vinyl flooring is because it helps make the room look bigger and spacious. The pattern and texture doesn’t appear dusty like some shades do, and manages to add beauty and balance to a space.

    Not as unique as some of the other shades, but it is definitely a good pick for people who keep changing their décor but want the flooring to be neutral. Interior designers know how to use the light tone to their benefit and let the other elements in a room shine. Whether you like a minimalistic look or want a burst of colour, blonde vinyl flooring is the ideal choice.

    Since the blonde shade is a neutral pick, it is definitely going to sustain the changing flooring trends. You can discuss your space with an interior designer and flooring expert, before picking the right shade of blonde.

    Espresso Elegance

    This flooring shade is a blend of modern-day sleekness and classic finesse. If you want to give your house a contemporary touch, designers suggest opting for the lovely espresso vinyl flooring that lends a wooden feel and effect. It is unlike the typical style in most contemporary houses and adds vibrancy to a space.

    This dark coloured vinyl floor works best with bigger spaces and rooms that have a lot of natural lighting as well. Do not install it in small rooms, since it could shrink the space. It is essential to clean it regularly, since you can easily notice the dirt and dust collected. The popularity of espresso shades in vinyl flooring keeps fluctuating, but it is expected to stick around for longer, now that people are experimenting with darker flooring shades.

    These are the top four flooring colours that have helped in the surging popularity of vinyl floors in the market. There are many patterns and designs that one can effortlessly add to vinyl floors, to complement any space. Designers prefer vinyl flooring for its versatility and effortless maintenance.

    A lot of designers and interior decorators believe that neutral colours are bound to stay in the market for years, since they are classics picks. You can always choose to add bright coloured vinyl flooring to highlight your room and make it look unique. Make sure to choose the right pattern based on your interiors.

    You can enhance the look of any room by adding a unique border throughout the edges of the flooring with a mix of two or more colours. Depending on what colour your furniture and other elements are, you can pick the two shades for your flooring. You can also opt for a super bold look by combining vinyl and wooden planks to create an attractive design with flair.

    It is advised to hire a designer or an expert to design your flooring. It is important that your flooring is done right. From the installation to the finish, everything matters since the flooring is an essential element in a room. If the colour or design of the flooring is not complementary, it can spoil the entire ambiance. Select a flooring expert who can guide you throughout the selection process. You definitely need to research a little about the colours, textures, and finishes of the flooring before investing on any vinyl flooring. Once you are aware of the different types, it will be a smoother decision.

    Experts will offer guidance and give you ideas that will work perfectly with your house décor. Experts are trained to pick the right flooring based on your needs and offer excellent services. If you are seeking a reliable flooring company, we offer exquisite carpet, vinyl & timber flooring services in Ballarat, Geelong and Melbourne.