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    The Unbeatable Flooring Choice for Every Room in Your House

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    Home decor is so much more than just sprinkling your home with lovely trinkets and splashes of colour, it’s about creating a pleasant and harmonious living space.

    When you renovate a space, you have to take into consideration every aspect of a space, from the ceiling to the floors. Choosing the flooring for different rooms can be tricky, and picking different flooring for each room is not always practical.

    When it comes to flooring, creating symmetry helps in building an aesthetically appealing space. One flooring that fights all odds to stand out as the ultimate flooring option, is vinyl flooring. You can never go wrong with vinyl sheet flooring, the durability and aesthetic appeal of this flooring is spot on! Here’s a handy guide to choose the best flooring for each room and some fun decor tips.

    The Living Room & Bedrooms

    This is the space that receives the most traffic and the area that everyone loves. The living space and bedrooms need to be tastefully done, one misstep and you will be left with a lifetime of regret. It’s important that every member of the family agrees upon the flooring and furnishing of these rooms, you do not want clashes in the name of interior decor.

    The Right Pick: Vinyl sheet/Tile flooring will help form a truce amidst your family members. This is one flooring alternative that offers a multitude of designs and colours to suit every taste.

    Vinyl flooring often mimics wood patterns and designs, keeping even the staunchest personalities happy. These floors are less susceptible to seasonal shrinking and swelling, which is a common concern for these rooms. Make sure to lay the flooring on a smooth surface for the best results.

    Decor Tip: The living room and bedrooms are spaces that reflect your personal taste and preferences. Whether you like vintage details or root for the industrial minimalist style, make the decor personal. Add pretty trinkets and wall accessories to complement your flooring. Keep the furniture colour-coordinated and play around with metal or glass decor items.

    The Kitchen and Dining Area

    Ah! the ultimate heaven for foodies. The place where flavors come alive and you cannot stop drooling. Well, with delectable flavors come grease, liquid, and other messes that could spoil the beauty of your kitchen and dining area. Choosing the right floor for your kitchen is a very crucial decision, you cannot afford any misses with this one.

    The Right Pick: There is no denying that vinyl sheet flooring is the ultimate pick for this space. It is a natural fit for high-traffic areas of the home. The kitchen and dining area are prone to frequent spillage and accidents. Flooring options like wood flooring and concrete can also be good alternatives. Back in the 50s, vinyl sheet flooring started gaining popularity among homeowners. Over the years it has undergone several tests to perfect the flooring material. The best part about this flooring is the ease with which you can replace the planks or tiles.

    Decor Tip: The kitchen and dining space receives a lot of attention, so the decor has to be impeccable. Opt for complementary colors and invest in beautiful cutlery to amp up the aesthetic appeal. Opt for pastel shades and wood undertones to get that harmonious look.

    Bathroom & Laundry Room

    These rooms are definitely accident-prone areas, so skip the hardwood and marble floors. Since you cannot avoid spilling water in these rooms, you definitely need a flooring that can withstand the splashes and spills. If you do not want to head to the ER from bathroom accidents, you better make an informed choice when picking the flooring.

    The Right Pick: Vinyl sheet flooring is an affordable yet durable alternative. Since moisture resistance is a key factor for bathroom flooring, these floors will not disappoint. They can easily mimic the wood floor look, which will definitely add pizzazz to your bathroom decor. They can be laid in any pattern you like and will offer a harmonious feel to your rooms.

    Decor Tip: Bathrooms are often overlooked by homeowners, but it has great potential for decor. Opt for white or light-shade accents that go with your flooring and tub. Try to keep the decor minimal and soothing, you do not want loud colors in this room. But if you are adventurous, you could choose dark tones like black and navy for your ceiling and walls. Make sure to keep rest of the room subtle when you opt for bold shades.

    Porch and Sunroom

    What’s a home without a dainty porch to laze around? Whether you have an outdoor porch, a sunroom or an enclosed porch, choosing a resilient and appealing floor is important. Don’t be hasty in picking any floor just because it’s not the highlight of your home, you are going to spend a lot of time with your friends and family in this space.

    The Right Pick: You know the answer, it’s vinyl sheet flooring! This classic pick can be laid in any design and style on your porch. The best part? You can paint your vinyl flooring in myriad colors of your choice. This is one space you can experiment with in terms of placement and design. Unlike enclosed ones, outdoor porches are exposed to the elements, so make sure to prep your flooring to prevent any damage.

    Decor Tip: Now that you have nailed the flooring, it’s time to choose complementary furniture and decor pieces. If you have a green thumb, place exquisite flowers and plants in this lovely space. Choose quirky prints for your porch furniture linens and cushions. For enclosed spaces, match your curtains with the fluffy cushions.

    Now that you have our helpful guide, get cracking on the home decor today! It all starts with choosing the perfect foundation, and vinyl sheet flooring is the ultimate pick. Make sure to browse through the various colours and designs before picking the final one for your home.