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    Top 10 Popular Carpets to Adorn Your Cosy Cocoon

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    Carpets are one of the best flooring alternatives when it comes to hygiene. It soaks up all the allergies in the air, so that you breathe clean air.

    It works like an insulator in cold climates giving you warmth and let’s not forget the comfort that it engulfs us in. Carpet flooring is one of the top choices for interior designers who looking for something soft, luxurious and practical at the same time.

    Once you are done selecting carpet over other flooring alternatives, the next step is to decide what pattern, colour, and pile you want for your space. There are various rooms in a house and each one serves a specific purpose. So, there is no one type of carpet for every room in the house, unless you want to opt for the single carpet furnished look.

    You can always take advice from experts, regarding the best flooring worth your investment. Carpets come in various piles to suit your needs and ideas, each comes with specific advantages and disadvantages. The following are some tips to select the best carpet for your house:


    These carpets have an extra deep pile, giving it a shaggy appearance. Earlier there were less colour choices, such as harvest gold, burnt orange, avocado green and brown, whites etc. It is not a carpet to be used in areas that can get messy, like the kitchen and the dining room. The carpet is ideal for areas like the home theatre room, bedrooms, private living-room and playroom.

    Textured Stripes:

    These carpets are known to help add graphics to the flooring. You can easily play the contrast and patterns of the room up or down, depending on the placement of the textured stripe carpet. Experts say that the key to enhance the overall beauty of a room is to run the carpet parallel to your room’s entry. These carpets are suitable for bedrooms, living room as well as the dinning room.

    Hemp and Sisal:

    Want to give your room a comfy, coastal vibe? Hemp and sisal are the ideal carpet styles. They are the perfect choice for many interior designers who are aiming for the earthy and chic look. This carpet is recommended for families with children or pets. These carpets can stain easily, but it feels great under your feet and almost massages your sole. Experts advice using the carpet wall-to-wall and stick more with the landing, hallway or bedroom.

    Tone-On-Tone Patterns:

    The weave of the carpet is strong, which is why they are durable for a long time. You definitely want to stick to neutral patterns of the carpet, so that you can place any kind of furniture on top of it. If you want to make the most of your money, go for classic colours such as charcoal, dove grey, dark brown, mossy greens, blue-grey, greige and taupe.

    Large-Sized Geometric Designs:

    People with a bold taste should definitely try large-scale geometric patterned carpets. Most designers use carpets to enhance empty spaces of the house that lack architectural details. Do not cut the patterns to use them in small spaces. These carpets should be used in large areas, so that you have a spectacular space that stands out.

    Solid Cut Pile:

    The carpet has a flat look, which is attained by cutting the looped fibres in the same height. Its soft appearance and texture increases the value, giving families a great carpet that is ideal for homes with children and pets. It provides a cushion-like feel and is also an ideal pick for high foot traffic rooms where children and pets run around.

    Small-Scale Patterns:

    The patterns on this type are comparatively smaller and busier than the large-sized pattern carpet flooring. If you are planning to use it in a large area, do not opt for it. You do not want the room to look busy and dingy due to the patterns. Experts advise people to use them in smaller areas like staircase, foyer, landing, hallways and bedrooms.


    It is a carpet with an extra layer of warmth, making it an ideal choice for cold climates. An ideal choice to make a room feel cosy and warm like a bedroom or a private sitting room. They are known to shed, which means that you will have to vacuum or brush it frequently in order to maintain the hygiene level. Apart from a little extra maintenance, they are the prefect warm carpet.

    Cut and Loop:

    This carpet achieves its sculpted look by incorporating different levels of sheared top loops along with the uncut lower loops. It is usually made with various contrasting colours that are from the same colour palette. The carpet is not ideal for pets since their claws and paws are likely to snag on the loops.

    Modular Carpet Tiles:

    This carpet is well known for its durability, therefore houses with big families and heavy foot traffic, can use these modular carpet tiles. Carpet flooring is available in hundreds of textures, colours, patterns and designs. Experts believe that these carpet tiles do not require much time for installation, which means you will have the floor ready in no time.

    These are some of the top types of carpets that you can use for your house. It is important to choose the right carpet for your house to take the maximum advantage of its beauty and function. A lot of people simply buy carpets for its look and designs. There is more to a carpet, than its design and colours. One should check the pile and figure out if it is ideal for a particular room. Once you have an idea about what type of carpet you want, you can consult an expert before purchasing from any carpet dealer.

    Carpet flooring is one of the most commonly purchased flooring for houses and offices. They look luxurious and trendy at the same time. Depending on your budget and usage, talk to an expert about it and choose the best carpet for your house.