In May 1995 The Carpet Gallery was born, it was then based at 106 Bradshaw Street Ballarat, a far cry from where they are now at 211 Armstrong Street South Ballarat.

The owners, Chris & Terry Cartledge both reminisce the times that were had in the early stages of the business. “Our philosophy has always been you must crawl before you can walk! It wasn’t easy in the early days, we had all sorts of trouble with supply of product etc. but when we look back now the tough times actually helped us become even more focused and motivated to build a great business.”

“Building a great business takes time, you cannot do it without the right people and we have been very lucky attracting the right kind of people, they are like an extension of our immediate families. Our people really love being a part of our culture!”

Chris & Terry both agree the reason the business keeps growing every year is a testament to their dedicated staff & contractors and the level of service they give to our loyal clients. We have a large portion of repeat business and referrals, which means we must be doing something right. We are specifically focused on getting better at what we do, week in week out!


In April 2006 The Carpet Gallery became The Carpet & Tile Gallery to reflect our expansion into the large range of ceramic and porcelain tiles we offer.

The Carpet and Tile Gallery is rated within the industry as one of the best retail outlets in Australia. We are constantly raising the bar in terms of the quality of our in store displays and ranges to give our clients the very latest products available to choose from for their needs .

The Carpet and Tile Gallery Megastore is the largest of its kind in the greater Victoria area offering a massive array of products, consisting of ceramic tiles, timber flooring, the latest in vinyl flooring and an unprecedented range of carpets which make this store truly a one stop shop for the consumer.

We are all time poor these days so our location makes it easy for our customers, they can pull right up at the front door!

Our belief is thousands of customers a year can’t be wrong, it’s all about looking after them like they are your own family. It’s about honesty and integrity, it’s basically pretty simple.

The future is bright for The Carpet and Tile Gallery, we are ready for the next twenty years with as much passion and focus as when we started, we love Ballarat and are committed to excelling and serving our community to the best of our ability.