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    Questions To Ask Your Carpet Salesperson

    • Does the price of the carpet include carpet underlay and carpet installation?
    • What happens with my furniture if I can’t shift it?
    • Is there a guarantee or warranty on the carpet/carpet underlay/carpet installation?
    • Will the salesperson come out to the home to do an accurate room measurement at no charge?
    • Can you borrow large samples of several different carpets to take home to analyze colors?
    • Where will the seams fall? Avoid seams against the traffic direction.
    • Does the carpet price include metal stripping at the thresholds ?
    • What is the charge for removing old carpet and carpet underlay and hauling it away?
    • What is the charge (if any) for moving furniture?
    • What happens with the carpet left overs?
    • Do your installers power stretch the carpet when installing?
    • Do you pull up ceramic tiles?
    • Can I vacuum my new carpet as soon as it is installed?
    • Do you take all my carpet rubbish away?
    • How do I take up my old vinyl flooring?
    • How can I fix my uneven concrete floor?
    • Does my vinyl flooring get installed before my carpet?
    • Will I have any mats left over?
    • How should I treat stains on my carpet?
    • How often should I get a commercial carpet cleaner in to clean my carpet?
    • Are nylon carpets as good as wool carpets?