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    How To Measure Your Carpet

    Step 1


    Quick Estimate

    To get a quick estimate of the area to be carpeted in Square Metres, try using this simple formula.

    Carpet is sold by the Lineal Metre, but we can still calculate in square metres.

    Length x Width of the room in Metres
    5m x 4m = 20 Sq m (+ 12% wastage)
    Total 22.4 Square Metres

    Estimate if more than 4 walls

    If the room as more than 4 walls, divide room into sections and add results together.

    Length x Width plus Length x Width
    5m x 4m = 20 Sq m
    3m x 1.5m = 4.5 Sq m
    Subtotal = 24.5 Sq. m (+ 5%)
    Total = 26 Square Metres

    Step 2

    Quick Estimate

    Add all rooms together to calculate the total area to be carpeted.

    Choose the carpet you are interested in and book your onsite measure.

    Start now to get your Instant Quote.

    All jobs will have an onsite measure before carpet is purchased, and this may differ from your calculations. We are happy to send you a copy of our floor plan and the proposed location of any joins that are planned for the job.

    Note – If you have floor plans, send them to and we will do the quote for you.